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Inspire a visit to the El Paso Museum of Art

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As stated on El Paso Museum of Art's home page, art “inspires community, communication, culture, creativity, connection”. Encounter a new culture and examine a new perspective unbound by borders, Glide over to the El Paso Museum of Art and experience the world of art. Admission is always free.

El Paso Museum of Art's permanent collection are worth a look at, but be sure not to miss these temporary exhibitions either.

Contemporary Ceramics: Mata Ortiz

Don´t miss the last days of this exhibition in the Dede Rogers Gallery. Spearheaded by Juan Quezada, the original Mata Ortiz Style is marked by the rebirth of classical Casas Grandes and Paquimé pottery. Mata Ortiz designs are distinguished by delicate and beautiful abstract designs, and are a testimony of the determination of an entire town.

This exhibition combines tradition with modern innovation. With over 40 potters represented, it highlights the gracious donation of Barry and Maria King to the museum of early examples of Mata Ortiz ceramics and recent works on loan courtesy of Flor de Barro Gallery.

Rebeca Mendez: El Norte

This exhibition is also coming to an end this month at the Peter and Margaret de Wetter Gallery. This exhibition is different and intimate with the video El Norte by Rebeca Méndez. The work shows the artist’s own struggle to conquest the North Pole during a snowstorm, criticizing the colonization of the Arctic. Her journey compares reality with idealized views of the migration experience. Méndez highlights seasonal migrations and patterns with a nod to ecological issues affecting the anthropocene.

Luces y Sombras: Images of Mexico | Works from the Bank of America Collection

This temporary exhibition will be available until August 14th in the Woody and Gale Hunt Family Gallery. Through photographs, Luces y Sombras captures México´s contemporary culture, architecture, and people and presents more than 100 works from the 1920s to the present day. Portraits of artists such as Frida Kahlo—by acclaimed photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo—and photographs of indigenous cultures by Manuel Carrillo and Graciela Iturbide are presented as well as modern photographs exploring the body, identity, and place.

Modern & Contemporary Collection

The El Paso Museum of Art’s Contemporary collection is centered on artists from Texas, the border region of US and Mexico, and the Southwest. Artists with El Paso beginnings include James Drake with his 1989 sculptural installation Cinco de Mayo, Gaspar Enriquez’s 1992 multi-part painting Generations of Attitudes, and Luis Jiménez’s 1969–74 colorful fiberglass sculpture Barfly (Statue of Liberty).

The Contemporary collection also includes works by remarkable photographers like David Taylor with his 2009 The Great Plain (With Vehicle Barrier), Tohono O’odham Nation, and Teun Voeten’s 2012 Couple on a Motorcycle Watch a Crime Scene, Juárez, Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco’s Lotus Leaves of 2014, as well as video installations Be Fruitful, 2016, by Asya Reznikov and El Norte, 2013, by Rebeca Méndez.

Art School

June 27-July 1: The last week of the month, local Artist Paulina Rosas will guide kids from 10 to 13 years old on how to craft clay jewelry.

This week as well there will be a camp that will introduce the young artists, from 6 to 9 years old, to the foundations of drawing and painting with various media.

In El Paso Museum of Art is an uplifting collection of art from our region and beyond our border. So Glide on over and tour a special exhibition or the permanent collections. Guided tours are available by appointment.

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