Glide Safety

Wear a Helmet when Gliding

  • Wear a helmet every time you ride a Glide.


Where to Glide

  • Use bike lanes when available, if not, ride along the right curb of the road or sidewalks if permitted by local law.
  • Be considerate to pedestrians when riding a Glide, give them the right of way.
  • Never Glide into crowded areas, walk until it is safe to Glide again.


Where to park a Glide

  • A Glide should always be parked upright, securely, using the kickstand in the down position.
  • A Glide should always be parked on the sidewalk out of the way of pedestrian traffic close to the edge of the sidewalk and when possible near a bike rack or using a designated drop zone.
  • A Glide should never be parked in an alley, public park, plaza, or small sidewalks.
  • A Glide should never block ADA accommodations, fire hydrants, or building entrances.


Rules for Gliding

  • Must 18 years and older to Glide.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license to Glide.
  • Must follow all traffic rules including street signs, signals, and markings.
  • Must obey all local traffic laws.
  • No stunt riding.
  • One rider per Glide.
  • Do not text and Glide.